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The Add-on is meant to augment Outlook with enhanced formatting of the message's HTML and animated "new message" notifications. The Add-on does not collect any personal or private information on the messaging or browsing habits of the user and does not entail any additional security risks. It is not involved in the actual sending and receiving of the messages. When the Add-on is installed, Outlook continues to function as usual.

IncrediMail is rather a fun alternative to Microsoft Outlook. It provides a fun way of sending and checking email by providing a colorful experience. It provides all the features of a standard email client including POP, IMAP and SMTP but in addition to this, provides features like colorful and photo backgrounds while composing emails, email notifies which animated characters are notifying you about a newly received email, incredibly high quality emotions making your email more attractive and fun. IncrediMail also includes a feature called Photo Mail Maker which will allow you to add your personal photos as email backgrounds. One disadvantage of IncrediMail is that it will force you to change your browser homepage and search provider to IncrediMail’s one. If you’re using Internet Explorer 9, it will warn you that some software wants to change your search provider. Just click on “Don’t Change” which will be fine if you don’t want to change your search provider in Internet Explorer.

IncrediMail is certainly among the most popular email clients which are present out there but what if users want to migrate their IncrediMail 2.5 to Outlook, then they are stuck in a limbo as there are some manual methods present to perform the conversion. The manual method which is present only allows to convert single IMM to PST which is not suitable for the professional users. So, there is no need to worry as there is solution which is a third party software & it will allow the conversion of IncrediMail to Outlook.

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