Download Incredimail for windows 7 & Windows 10

Download IncrediMail for Windows 7 32/64 bit – Download IncrediMail for windows 10 32/64 bit

IncrediMail is an email client that makes emailing more fun than before. IncrediMail has all the common email client features that everyone is familiar with, and in addition provides a large variety of Stationery, Animations, Ecards, Emoticons and Sounds that can be inserted in the background of email messages. With IncrediMail, anyone can easily decorate and personalize email messages using a large variety of creative email content suitable for any mood, occasion or theme. Additional fun features available with IncrediMail are animated email Notifies featuring funny characters and cartoons, 3D Effects integrated into outgoing and incoming email messages, and personalized signatures that can be inserted into outgoing emails.


Download Incredimail for windows 7 & Windows 10


Key features:

  • Photo Mail Maker: this is the newest feature for this version.Incredimail enables you to add your personal photos to the background of your emails. To do this, you only need to drag and drop or browse your computer system.
  • Notifies and emotions: you are offered tons of fun animated character to notify you of sent or received emails. Concerning emotions, IncrediMail offers about 1000 kinds of smiles that you can use at your disposal.
  • Email background templates: if you do not want your own images to be your email backgrounds, the application offers you not less than 1000 email background templates where you can pick one.
  • E-cards and animations: IncrediMail also has a huge collection of beautiful and fun E-cards that you can send to your contacts. You can couple them with exciting and lively animations if you want.
  • 3D effects: this make IncrediMail quite Indeed, you can enjoy the changing of messages into 3D objects. This is really a unique feature since hardly any tool of this genre can have this 3D effect.

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